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John McNamara:
Looking at Linda in our existing archives room, you can see why we need a new one.

Mike Fox:

Mike Fox:

Ted Miles:
The space looks very professional. It shold be a good home for the books and magazines I have sent to the WW&F Railway Museum.

Ted Miles, WW&F Life Member

James Patten:
For those wondering about the hanging wires, there were junction boxes on the floor joists above the basement.  The boxes were removed before the room construction got to cover over the joists, and the boxes will be reinstalled when our electrician revisits us.  Meanwhile they are taped off.

Linda moved in yesterday, with tables and shelving, and moved down some archival boxes from upstairs.  She's being very deliberate and thoughtful about what goes in, as the archives will sharing space with gift shop storage when that moves into the basement while the gift shop building is lowered.


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