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Brendan Barry:
A new dedicated archive room is being built in the basement of the Percival house. The new room will be insulated, have a double layer of sheet rock for fire resistance, and seperate climate control.

Jeff Schumaker:
It looks like you're off to a good start, Brendan.

Jeff S.

Bob Holmes:
Terrific...badly needed until we finally get a real archives building...

Bill Baskerville:
I am sure Linda is ecstatic.

Carl G. Soderstrom:
I am assuming the double layer is on the outside.

And all penetrations will have fire stop calk.

Just watched a HGTV program shot just down the road (36 miles)
That rehabbed a garage fire. House was saved by fire rated walls and door.
Make sure door has closer.
House was damaged by smoke, so would be amiss to do a pressure test like
for cold/heat infiltration.
Much of what is there is not just valuable but irreplaceable.

Thanks for the pix.


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