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Jeff Schumaker:
The Boynton Bicycle Railway. I have an old Scientific American article about it somewhere.

An online article can be found here.  https://www.6sqft.com/in-the-1890s-new-yorkers-took-a-bicycle-railroad-to-brooklyns-beaches/


Jeff Schumaker:
Another online article with more photos and illustrations.



Philip Marshall:
Here is some more information on the Boynton Bicycle railroad line on Long Island (including drawings of proposed freight cars), from Art Huneke's LIRR archive:


To be clear, there were two different Boynton Bicycle railroads. The Coney Island line of 1890 was the original and used steam. This was followed by the electrified East Patchogue-Hagerman-Bellport line described above, built in 1894.

john d Stone:

A "Bicycle Railroad" was built in Burlington County, NJ to connect Mount Holly with Smithville, home of the Star Bicycle Works. The line was about 2 miles long, constructed initially to be used as a commuter line for workers living in the metropolis of Mt Holly. It was a very popular attraction for a little while, but the luster quickly faded. Apparently, not everyone was on track.
This line was always human powered, although summers in South Jersey can be rather steamy.


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