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Half an idea

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john d Stone:
I came across this video when I'd already used up half the day. Seems like a quick solution to further extension of the WW&F using half as much rail.
I hope you don't consider me as unbalanced for proposing such an idea.


Benjamin Richards:
The most absurd thing is how this actually sprang from the drawing board and became a bona fide railway.

As if all that girder work was somehow cheaper than a second rail...

Benjamin Richards:
It gets better, actually:

"...the Lartigue system as built was not truly a monorail, since it was necessary to add two further rails, one on each side, lower down the A frames." (emphasis mine)

Graham Buxton:
This one is designed to be portable:

. . . and a linked photo from that page:

And how about a locomotive running on (1) steel rail with (1) 'outrigger' wheel running on the ground?
See: https://ngdiscussion.net/phorum/read.php?1,448215,448222#msg-448222

Mike Fox:
The Portland Company also experimented with the one track mind concept..


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