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Spring Work Weekend 2023

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Bryce Weeks:
I would be willing to run the tamper.

Dan Malkowski:
Ben I apologize for the paint, but as long as someone picks up the names for each color they should be able to finish Caboose 554 at the very least. I know the Tan paint had the name of, "Sandy Hook Gray".

The Ballast removal should have the primary focus on the mountain, removing Ballast from within the gauge in spots where the Ballast exceeds to the top of the rail. Once the spots on the mountain are done then the crew can continue back along the main. Or at least that's what I understand, Jason and Steve will tell me I'm wrong but that's what I know.

Mike Fox:
I plan on having a small clean up crew on Saturday 4/29, cleaning up the spoils from this winters plowing. Hoping to have a power broom or 2 on hand to make things easier.

john d Stone:
I should be up there for most of Saturday and Sunday with at least one other Stone. Glad to fill in with either track gang if that's where the need is.

Dan Malkowski:
Further refinements on Specifics for each day of the Track Crew.

All of this was talked over and approved by Jason.

Friday: 2 Crews
             Crew 1 = Crew Forman - Dan M.
                              Building and Finishing Garden Track.
             Crew 2 = Crew Forman- Bill R.
                              Stone removal from within the gauge.
                              Mountain is priority, then the rest of the
                              main. Return for lunch.
*Please note that if the area that you are working in has stone up to the railhead inside and out of the gauge, the stone should be shoveled onto a flatcar as not to waste. If stone is up to the railhead only on the inside then it is ok to just put to the side.*

Saturday: 1 Crew - Tie Changing.
                  1 Crew with 4 sub crews, just like Tie & Dine.

                  Sub Crew 1 = Pulling spikes. Objective will be to stay ahead of other crew pulling spikes on the ties that are to be changed and loosing the spikes two ties on either side of the Tie that is to be changed. Then move on to the next Tie.

                   Sub Crew 2 = Preppers. Objective is to dig out holes for track Jack's, lift the rail, pull the Tie out, and lower Jack's. Then move on to the next Tie

                   Sub Crew 3 = Installers. Objective is to dig out hole for new Tie, insert new Tie, Gauge and spike the tie. Then move on to the next Tie.

                   Sub Crew 4 = Tamping. Objective is to go through and dress and tamp the Tie.

If all goes well this should work like an assembly line.

Sunday: 1 Crew - Stone Removal
                It will be the same attack plan as Friday continuing from where Fridays crew left off.

I'm trying to think if I left out anything but I'm sure Jason could add any points that I may have missed.


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