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Spring Work Weekend 2023

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Russ Nelson:
The first weekend in May (board meeting day) is the 6th, so the Spring Work Weekend is April 28, 29, 30, and May 1 (Friday through Monday). The most people show up on Saturday, but many are working Friday and Sunday, and some stay over to Monday. Hope to see you there!

Ed Lecuyer:
And, this just in...

On Saturday, April 29th, we'll be having the raffle drawing for a complete G-scale WW&F train set!

LGB has donated this train set from their 2022-2023 catalog, showcasing our railroad! Here's your opportunity to own the complete set - including the special LGB Club edition of Boxcar 309 - while supporting the museum.

The retail value of this set is nearly $1500.

Buy your electronic raffle tickets for the drawing to be held on Saturday, April 29, 2023 during Spring Work Weekend.

Jason M Lamontagne:
2023 SWW

Work List

Track: Foremen: Dan, others TBD.
Friday: Construct Garden Track off turntable
Saturday: 2 Crews.  Crew 1: ballast, tamp, reballast Garden track.  Crew 2: Main line- remove excessive ballast from track, change ties.
Sunday: 1 crew: Main Line: remove excessive ballast from track, change ties. 

Car Painting (130, 554) Friday-Sunday: Shop bay 1.  Crew from Mt Washington Cog

Head Tide Trail Saturday only, Steve P Foreman. 

Trout Brook Station Painting- Will a crew foreman please step forward for this?

Brendan may have enginehouse work arranged.

All readers- please let us know here or by direct contact if you plan on volunteering on one of these crews (and which crew you prefer).


Benjamin Richards:
FYI the paint for 554 was left inside 554 all winter at ToM and froze, so someone will need to procure new paint.

Russ Nelson:
I enjoyed working on the engine house in the Fall, and would like to continue that work.


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