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MegaMillions award to the WW&F

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John Kokas:
(If only it was true  :-\)

Unknown to many, someone bought the winning Mega Millions ticket for the WW&F.  Upon hearing the news Dave gathered the BOD and secured the votes to immediately hire real estate specialists and attorneys to help with the huge task of re-obtaining original ROW's not currently held by the museum or its associates.

Jason is scrambling to find personnel to hire full-time as the board has committed to rebuilding the entire line as well as a whole new fleet or locomotives and rolling stock.  Mike Fox has been appointed Construction Manager for the expansion of the line and is already gathering the required personnel and contacts to get the required Environmental and Construction permits in place for a 2024 kickoff of new construction.  Steve P. has already made contact and has set up meetings with Wiscasset town officials to obtain land from the town in order to build a new station for the WW&F on the site of the old Maine Central Wiscasset station.

Stay tuned folks as things are going to move rapidly.  If you are interested in a full time position, please leave a message on the museum's voicemail and the appropriate person shall contact you shortly.  For the volunteers, the BOD has directed to expand the work-weekends to four per year due to amount of work that will be available.  Dates have yet to be established.

Ed Lecuyer:
Actually, according to his Facebook post this morning, Mike Fox was one of the winners of the Jackpot!

Unfortunately, unless we're building a Subway (sub), $5 isn't going to get us to Wiscasset.

Mark Spremulli:
though a Subway shop on the WW&F Alna Campus would be nice, helpful for families as well. ;D

Jeff Schumaker:
Would Fred be making the subs? 8)


Graham Buxton:
Instead of "Subway Subs", I think "Fred's Subs" would do just fine!  8)

Keep this in mind ....

--- Quote ---
To get started, a Subway franchise costs $15,000 for the franchise fee (in the USA and Canada). The total investment is estimated between $116,000-$263,000 in the USA and $102,000-$234,000 in Canada. Subway franchisees pay 12.5% every week (8% royalties, 4.5% advertising). Total Investment $105,800 - $393,600.

https://www.franchise.com › franchise › Subway
--- End quote ---

 :o  ::)


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