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Carver's Edaville Looks to go Christmas-only, Add 40-B Housing


Bill Reidy:
"On January 3, the owner of Carver’s Edaville theme park went before the town’s Board of Selectmen to propose developing a portion of the park’s property into housing units, including affordable housing, while making the park itself a seasonal attraction only during the Christmas season.

"'We stepped back and said look, we have to think about reinventing Edaville,' owner Jon Delli Priscoli told selectmen. 'How do we go forward and how do we make Edaville permanent? How do we make sense out of this property, and also figure a way to manage the open space and potentially do some housing, and do it all at one time?'"

Detailed story with video is posted here.

Ed Lecuyer:
In a related development, it is also reported that "the Thomas Land section of the park will not reopen."

Jeff Schumaker:
Looking through the Behind the Scenes at Edaville photos, I see they found Jason's duck. 8)



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