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Photo Freight in the Winter
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:37:42 PM »
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Joe Fox wrote:
I was wondering if we could run one photo freight train this winter durring the Victorian Christmas if there was any snow. This is so that some people can take photos of a freight train in the snow. I would like to try and see if some of these photos of this train could be put in the 2008 calander. Please let me know what you think of this idea.

Justin Franz replied:
I think your on to something. While I didn't get to this year Annual Picnic, I've seen the photos and read the story in the recent newsletter, it seemed that the photo freight was popular. Just a matter of repeating it with snow on the ground. Only question is when to run it; too early, the light may not be in the woods, midday it may be to busy. But the idea of the #10 on a freight or switching cars at Alna Center in the snow is an intriguing one. Another idea, not just for the Victorian Christmas, would be a night photo session. Simply having the #10 sitting in front of the shop would make a nice shot.
All this reminds me of some slides I need to get prints made of from last years Victorian Christmas.
-Justin Franz

Joe Fox replied:
Hi Justin,
The night photo idea is also a good idea. I only thought of the freight train in the snow because how many railroads in the new england area do you know of that run steam freight trains in the winter? I can't think of any. That is how I came up with the idea. As long as we can work it into the schedule, I am sure it would be a big hit.

gordon cook replied:
I believe that there has been some discussion about a winter steam day. Since we are a week away from February, and the weather has finally turned cold (brrrr), is there any consensus towards a date? It would seem that the Amherst train show would be an ideal place and time to announce it, but it's probably too late now.
I would suggest Feb. 17th, which would coincide with at least a three day weekend and school vacations, so more distant members and fans might be able to come.

Joe Fox replied:
THat sounds great, especially since we have snow on the ground. Is there going to be a spring equinox run this year? Talk to you guys later.
“We are extremely proud of our collection of historical railroad equipment, which is the largest of any U. S. railroad, especially our steam locomotives.”
-Steve Lee-

BM1455 replied:
We really should look into this Spring equinox event.  It gave us a great boost the year that we did it.  It also was great for PR as we let some one else's group come in and become involved.  We need to have Jason or somebody else talk to the woman from Healthy Kids in Damariscotta who was in charge of this event last time.  Let's not drop the ball on this again.

petecosmob replied:
I agree,
even though I won't be there this time around, I can look forward to next year's event when I get back from Iraq. (Now THAT would be a REAL welcome home, albeit a couple months after I'd return.)
I was looking forward to that event last year, had to settle on the work weekend instead. The Eaquinox is an important event for my family.
Ed Lecuyer
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