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Autumn Track Laying
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:36:24 PM »
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James Patten wrote:
I'm just curious what the general plan for the weekend is.  I know we're laying track, but are you also planning on ballasting and tamping as well?
How far do you hope to get?

Dana Deering replied:
James, and all,
The plan is:  Lay track to Albee's Crossing (by Friday evening) while a crew excavates an area at the crossing for the stone bed on which the crossing will be built.  Saturday, install Albee's Crossing completely, in its final location, which means to have it ballasted and tamped along with one rails length in either direction, planked, and the approaches gravelled. Coordinate the work so some rail laying can continue northward while the crew puts in the crossing (translation:  keep everyone busy).  Sunday and Monday finish laying rail.  There won't be any major ballasting and tamping unless we get all the rail down and have time to spare.  Then we will haul what stone there is but not tamp it.  We will save that for the spring.  People also need to know that we don't have uniform joint bars for the rail so there will be a crew drilling rail so the joint bars will fit.  This will slow us down a little so people need to be prepared to be patient. I think the telephone crew will be doing something, too. I have done my best to plan this out so that idle time will be kept to a minimum but expect delays at times.  Please, everyone, try and refrain at this time from sending suggestions for what to do.  The time for that is pretty much past and I'd like us to stick to the general plan.  If you want to get involved in work weekend planning I will start planning for the spring work weekend soon after the last spike is driven in October, so let me know then.

John McNamara replied:
Dana said:
I think the telephone crew will be doing something, too.
Yes, the plan is to extend the line another 1500 feet and add three more box-on-post assemblies. I think this will get the line pretty close to Albee's Crossing. Extra hands are welcome 

James Patten replied:
Less than 1 week until track laying.
The graders have come, done their work on the ROW (to the top of the mountain) and across from Alna Center station, and left.  Fred and crew deposited more ties at the end of track.  Zack's ordered 3 loads of crushed stone and 3 loads of gravel for delivery before Friday.
All we need now are people!  Allan thinks we're going to have a record-breaking number of people show up.

Allan Fisher replied:
Based on my ride up from Portland today, from Brunswick north the trees should be close to their peak colors this weekend. And with no rain in the forecast and our first frost Thursday night, a great chance they will be spectacular!

Allan Fisher replied:
The forecast has just changed to predict full Sun and 60 degrees on Saturday, and full Sun and 65 degrees on Sunday - partly cloudy on Monday and 65 degrees.
Friday will be cold - 55 degrees is predicted to be the high temperature.
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