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Sheepscot Railway Village


Russ Nelson:
Of course, we all know about the Boothbay Railway Village. The WW&F Museum board has decided to copy their idea, but in a more modern way: with transit development. The museum owns excess land over and beyond the 66' right of way needed for the railroad. It has decided to build a condominium block to sell to museum members. Of course it will have a dedicated siding and regular passenger service to the station.

John McNamara:
You are either 6 months late (April 1, 2022) or 6 month early (April 1, 2023).
-John M

Stephen Piwowarski:
I think some might find the conditions of tenancy on said land to be at odds with their way of life.

Graham Buxton:
I think this thread should be viewed in the context of the announcement in the most recent WW&F newsletter regarding the cemetery at TOM.  :D

Bill Baskerville:


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