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narrow gauge on martha's vineyard and nantucket

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Jeff Schumaker:
Thanks for the links, Bill.

Jeff S.

john d Stone:
Fascinating little pikes, but dismally unsuccessful. Shoulda pushed the rails in a foot.

john d Stone:
I have a book called Cape Cod Railroads, by Robert H. Farson, which has a chapter on each line. Some really neat photos! The Martha's Vineyard line was a one engine pike with a cute little Porter 0-6-0 which had a lot of the same "stuff" that WW&F 1/Sandy River 3 had when originally built: Big, open cab, slanted cylinders and a tall, thin stack with a diamond shaped spark arrestor. That line was gone at the end of 1896 and the equipment sold off. Maybe the little Porter found another life on a logging pike or something.

The Nantucket managed to work its way through 4 engines on its slightly longer line with a slightly longer history. Two 4-4-0's, a Mason 0-4-4T from the Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn and the Alco 2-4-4T which went to war after the island line gave up. They also ran a couple of gas-mechanical contraptions with varying degrees of success and at least one fire.



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