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Lower Road bridge abutments demolished

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Benjamin Richards:
I noticed the past two weeks or so driving through Richmond (ME) that the MEC Lower Road bridge abutments at the north end of town were being demolished and the embankments cut back. I couldn't find any more info about that, whether it was possibly part of a road construction project, or just unfinished business from removing the bridge itself back in 2017.

That line would have made a nice place for 470 to stretch her legs (pipe dream, I know...)

John Kokas:
Let's hope there will be a possible future for 470 on the Rockland Branch.

Mike Fox:
It was on the States 3 year plan 2 years ago to remove them. My understanding was if the bridge was ever reinstalled, it would be higher. Which means building the grade up two feet.


Google image from 9 years ago

Mike Fox:
And just for the fun of it, I looked up the States Estimated cost for removal, $102 ,000.

Benjamin Richards:
Driving down 196 today I noticed this line appeared to be plowed out. I took a detour down Tedford where there's a grade crossing, and it was definitely plowed out by a hi-railer in the past day or so. You can see the tire marks in the snow.
I also noticed over the summer that after storms, downed trees are cut up.

This is odd considering it doesn't go anywhere. Who is maintaining it and why?


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