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The Great Western Steam-Up at NSRM >>>Photo Album<<<


Kevin Madore:

Both Ed Lecuyer and I were fortunate to be able to attend the 4-day, "Great Western Steam-Up" event at the Nevada State Railroad Museum over the July 4th weekend. This event featured 16 total steam locomotives, 9 of which were in steam and running on the museum trackage. It was probably the greatest gathering of steam engines that I have personally witnessed and probably the closest that we can come to some of the Railfairs that were held at the end of the last century.  Equally impressive was the list of people that I ran into again or got to meet for the first time.   There were a lot of well-known names there.  And yes, both Ed and I had a lot of people notice our WW&F hats.   We also ran into a couple of folks wearing WW&F shirts, who had participated in the SWW.   Small world.  :)

The following is a list of the engines that were present. The ones in bold print were actually operating:

-V&T #1 "Lyon" (partially completed replica)
-V&T #11 "Reno"
-V&T #12 "Genoa"
-V&T #18 "Dayton"
-V&T #21 "J.W.Bowker"
-V&T #22 "Inyo"
-V&T #25
-Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Co. #1 "Glenbrook"
-Eureka & Palisade #4 "Eureka"
-Nevada County Narrow Gauge RR #5 "Tahoe"
-Southern Pacific #18
-Bluestone Mining & Smelting #1 (Heisler)
-Santa Cruz Portland Cement #2 "Chiggen"
-Antelope & Western #1
-Dardanelle & Russellville #8
-Dayton, Sutro & Carson Valley "Joe Douglas"

I've just finished sorting through a couple of thousand images that I captured at the event and picked the ones I thought best represented the action that I witnessed. Apologies for taking nearly a week to get these out. I'm a big believer in captioning my photos and it takes a bit of time to do that with a collection this large.

Anyway, if the spirit moves you, take a look.  It was a pretty epic event.

Congratulations to the crew at the Nevada State Railroad Museum as well as to all of the other organizations and individuals who made this event the great success that it was!

/Kevin Madore

Bill Reidy:
Handsome photos, Kevin.  Thanks!  And I greatly appreciate the captions.  Glad you and Ed were able to experience the event.

Ted Miles:
I have watched a lot of videos about this major steam event. The oldest V&T loco the Reno of 1873 has been back in Carson City for less than a year and it is already getting restored. Wow! She will soon have her own engine house there.

And the California State and Nevada State Museum have exchanged artifacts. The V&T Dayton (Central Pacific Shops, 1873) and the V&T #17 (Superintendents car) have gone up to Sacramento and the V&T W.H Bowker and another car have gone down to Carson. I think this is an excellent move.
It was great to see the Eureka & Palisade #4 Eureka back in steam after her 1472-day overhaul; among all those other locomotives.
Ted Miles, narrow gauge fan

Bob Holmes:
Kevin, you take such amazing photos!  And I'm glad you're one of us as well.



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