Author Topic: Lincoln County News article on our Lavender Trains partnership with SeaLyon Farm  (Read 954 times)

Bill Reidy

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What–me worry?

Graham Buxton

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I thought this part was interesting: (emphasis mine)

For Don and Marcia Lyons the lavender crop is a major source of income, despite its brief harvest window. It has already become a settled part of their agritourism plans, and they create a variety of value-added products using lavender from jams and jellies to candles and lip balms.

The initial farm plan, drawn up in 2017, did not even include agritourism, but when WW&F proposed the destination-based events, Don and Marcia Lyons saw the possibilities. The 15-minute train rides through the woods to the farm have become part of what defines SeaLyon Farm and has helped foster growth that will allow the couple to scale up offerings – when they can source the staff to make that happen.

Jason M Lamontagne

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That's a great article and shows the railway exactly where we want to be- serving the community.  Nice to be recognized in such a support role.