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B&SR #5
« on: January 08, 2009, 10:44:25 PM »
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Jim Karins wrote:
New to the WW&F Forum, so here goes....
I am at the front end of building the B&SR's #5.  In the process of such, I have come up with a plethora of questions...  However, to simplify the discussion process, will tackle one at a time....
First question is:
Thus far, I have been working solely from a drawing of the engine in the book, "The Bridgton Narrow Gauge", by Edgar T. Mead (1985).  I would like to get more of the original builder's drawings of this engine, if they exist.  I see (on some previous Forum posts) that the MHS has drawings of Portland Co. engines (which is the source referenced in Mead's book), and might possibly have further drawings for the #5.
However, before I initiate a 'Research Request' to the MHS for a complete set of drawings of this engine, I thought I might inquire with members of the WW&F forum, as it appears these drawings may have been a reference source for the (current..?) #9 rebuilding project ...
If anyone has a more extensive set of drawings of the #5, I would appreciate the opportunity to obtain a set of copies (.......?).  Will be glad to compensate for such...
I do have more questions regarding the design / construction of this engine, but will save for later....

Mike Fox replied:
Please check your Private messages for a response to this.
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