Author Topic: American Freedom Train Presentation (by 14y/o enthusiast) in Ellsworth  (Read 599 times)

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This email was received in the general email box for the museum. It would be nice if we could support this young man in his endeavors.

Dear Volunteers of Wiscasset, Waterville, Farmington Railroad,

As a mother of a train enthusiast reaching out to other train and history enthusiasts, I am writing to invite you to a live presentation about the American Freedom Train in Ellsworth, ME in June 27 at 6 pm at Constitutional Hall—225 High Street Suite 2 (Maine Coast Mall).

There is also a live stream event of it on “Jack’s Train Talk”.  Jack is a 14 year old who is interested in getting the American Freedom Train running again. Please join us either live or online for the video presentation and the discussion afterwards.

Kathy Dunn

Ed Lecuyer
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This is unexpectedly timely. The United States Semiquincentennial is rapidly approaching, after all.

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See also "AFT 2.0."