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Re: Wiscasset Upper Yard Artifacts
« Reply #15 on: June 08, 2022, 11:54:22 PM »
Yes, this thread is nearly a year old.  :)

However, there is a newspaper report that one of the  options for upgrading the Wiscasset "sewage treatment plant" is to build a new one. The current plant is almost an island and at risk from the ocean level rising.
A hired firm’s document Wiscasset released in advance of the June 7 selectmen’s meeting raises the idea of moving the wastewater treatment plant, maybe to Federal Street or Mason Station. The point would be to address sea level rise and to replace rather than upgrade the Water Street plant, according to an executive summary of a report Town Manager Dennis Simmons.
Simmons explained in email responses Monday, the Olver report “has been in the works for many months (and) mentions maybe relocating the plant to Federal Street or Mason Station. I think DEP had mentioned Federal Street before because of its close proximity to the current plant. The town owns the land that the school sits on.
There aren't much more details in that article, but looking at a map its pretty clear that they are talking about the Wiscasset Elementary School site that is the focus of this thread.

(click image to enlarge)

The school is just north of the current sewage plant "island" center-right in the map shot. With this option, presumably the school would be moved and the site rebuilt into a sewage treatment plant.

This is still all preliminary, and a different option/site may be chosen, but there is a possibility that an archaeological dig at the school might be very real.

As the article notes, there could well be significant opposition to this option.  :-X
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Re: Wiscasset Upper Yard Artifacts
« Reply #16 on: June 09, 2022, 05:54:40 AM »
A bit late to move the elementary school.  A few years ago the town discussed consolidating 3 schools into one, by moving the mid-grades school (on Federal St) to the elementary school (on Rt 27).  They ended up giving up the Rt 27 school in favor of the Federal St school.

I'm not sure Mason Station is a better solution - it too is right on the water's edge.

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Re: Wiscasset Upper Yard Artifacts
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No one asked my opinion, but here goes ...  ;D

Ostensibly, the treatment plant (and nuclear station, for that matter) are near the water because of a need to discharge or exchange a high volume of water into the harbor. Putting the plant in the natural path from high ground to the harbor makes the most sense operationally. Pumping stations are not cheap.

To gain elevation, a plant on Federal Street would necessarily need to be up where the actual school building sits, not down on the ballfield. I agree that would be a tough sell for the residents, not to mention the need to move the school as James already mentioned, and that ship has effectively sailed.

Mason Station would seem to be the better choice; at least there you have a chance of bringing in fill to adjust the elevation, and it's a pleasant distance away from downtown. There's even a rail spur directly onto the point that could be reactivated and used for construction.