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Edaville is for sale


Bill Reidy:
Longtime owner announces that Edaville Family Theme Park in Carver is on the market

CARVER – The time has come for longtime Edaville Family Theme Park owner Jon Delli Priscoli to pass on his legacy with plans to sell the family amusement park and the scenic railroad that opened 75 years ago...

Delli Priscoli, 65, said it’s a tough decision, and it’s his hope that a potential buyer will come forward, because there are so many possibilities for a new owner to explore.

“It’s time for new energy,” he said. “Our preference would be to see that the park continue on. It needs new energy, new vision.”...

Benjamin Richards:
Last time he put it up for sale, the potential buyer was going to shut it down. That caused him to reverse course and continue to operate it for another decade.

I wonder what will happen this time. Seems the 75th anniversary festivities are timely.

John Kokas:
Last time it went up for sale it was the mega-mansion real estate developers who were ready with the cash.  It worth even more now for those folks.  It would be worth our while to keep an ear to the ground on this one.

Mike Fox:
Well now I am really glad I am going next weekend..


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