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Rick Rowlands:
Unless you already have someone on hand who knows GE wiring, Mike Schreiber from Silcott in Worthington, OH is the go-to guy to help puzzle out the control system and could do the new wiring when things get to that stage. 

I'm trying to figure out what the modifications would be on this locomotive.  Is the goal to make it into an end cab locomotive and to shorten the frame as well as narrow it to fit the WW&F clearance diagram? Would the new trucks be similar in design to the 23 tonner trucks?   The 23 tonner used some very narrow traction motors to fit between the wheels.  I have a couple of narrow GE traction motors however they are a bit wider at I think 27 to 30" wide.  Too wide to fit inside the wheels but maybe they could work with a jackshaft arrangement?

Once you start pinning down some of the design ideas maybe I can help find components. 


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