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Allan Fisher:
The Kennebec Central had passenger station buildings at Randolph, Chelsea, and Togus. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many different station buildings there were at each location over the 36 years of the road's existence.  (Birmingham Road and Pottsville Flag Stops did not have railroad buildings)

Bill Sample:
Allan, I'll guess just one per location.

Keith Taylor:
I'm betting that over the years there were more than one! Replacing depots that are too small is a common thing to do! need to be clear on just what is a "station." A station is NOT a building, it is any location listed in the employee's timetable by name. At a "station" you can have a station building or depot. But not always.

Mike Fox:
I think there were atleast two in Randolph and one building in Togus. I remember reading they had to walk to get from the building to the train. I believe it was a Military building, non-railroad owned.

Allan Fisher:
According to Fourtin Powell's extensive research, there was only one depot building at Randolph and Togus for the entire period the railroad was in operation, and two station buildings at Chelsea - the first built in Sept 1890 and burned by vandals on May 1, 1911, the second was built in 1925.


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