Author Topic: Sunshine Cottage (Supt Bennetts) Hancock Pond  (Read 2891 times)

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Sunshine Cottage (Supt Bennetts) Hancock Pond
« on: January 08, 2009, 10:10:39 PM »
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dr1953 wrote:
I am trying to find pictures, drawings or dimensions of the cottage at Hancock Pond for a diorama in On2 that will become part of a future B&SR/B&H layout. Does anyone have any info of the cottage or know where I could get some? Also there was a section house at this location that I also need info on if avaliable.
Also, even though the cottage today has been added to and modified could anyone in the area give me the address of the property so I could contact the owners about measuring the building during the upcoming National Narrow Gauge Convention if I can't find any drawings.
I also would be interested in flying out if there was a field trip planned to explore the B&SR/B&H roadbed.
Thanks for any asssistance you could give me.
Dan Rowsell
Victoria, B.C.

Mike Fox replied:
There is somebody on this forum who is friends with the owner.  They had told me who the owner is now but the name escapes me at the minute. Maybe he will see your post and reply. As for measurements, do you have any books like Two Feet to the Lakes or other Bridgton related books. I am not sure if there would be measurements in them or not. I don't remember seeing any but the text might say 12'x20' for example.

Dana Deering replied:
I'll have to look into who owns it now.  It was the Pickering family.  I'm not sure if the son kept it after the father died but I have never seen a For Sale sign on it.  Let some of us know if you ever come out this way and we'll meet you for a tour.  I might even be able to get the dimensions of the cottage in the meantime.

dr1953 replied:
Thanks Dana and Mike
Any help is appreciated. The rough outside dimensions of the original building and height between floors would be great if you could do it. I Will be in the area for the NNG Convention in August. Hoping to get down before it starts for some research.  Have the week before the Convention free and would love to do a tour if it could be arranged. Rest assured that when I have dimensions any drawings I do will be shared.
Thanks again for the replies
Dan Rowsell
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum