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Edaville Open Car design


Anthony Vo:
I found a close resemblance between the Kennebec Central's excursion cars (as seen in this old John Derr Model Railroad blueprint: and Edaville's (the covered ones like the one from ML&MW.) Is it possible that when built that they were built with the KC's design in mind?

Dave Crow:
Hi Anthony,

Other railroads also had excursion cars; the Maine State Archives, holders of the Portland Company records and drawings, has a Portland Company drawing for an excursion car design for the W&Q/WW&F.  The design for a covered structure, with partial walls and affixed to a flatcar using the stake pockets, limits one to very few options.  If you look at Cass Scenic Railroad, as well as other tourist lines, they either built a roof and partial wall system to mount on flatcars OR they cut out the upper half of the side and end walls from boxcars (C&TS, for example).

David Crow

Anthony Vo:
Ah, thanks!


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