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Two Feet to the Lakes
« on: January 08, 2009, 08:41:12 PM »
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MikeW wrote:
Does anyone know the status of the rumored reprint of Two Feet to the Lakes (Jones)?  Last year I was reassured by a hobby shop owner that it was imminent (April 2006).  I'm still waiting.  It's the only one of his books I don't have.

Mike Fox replied:
I haven't heard of the reprint of that yet. Didn't even know they had planned it. The book called "The Twenty Four Inch Guage Railroad at Bridgton, Maine" is going to be reprinted by the WW&F hopefully by this fall. Sometimes you can luck out and find the Two Feet to the Lakes on Ebay or Amazon.

htbrandes replied:
We have a copy in our archives at MNGR

MikeW replied:
I'm looking to purchase a copy, either original or reprint (if this should happen).

Duncan Mackiewicz replied:
How badly do you want a copy of Two Feet To The Lakes?  I just did a quick internet search and found a couple on starting at $275 for a "collectable" book and $295 for one that is used.

medry replied:
There is a copy up on eBay right now.
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