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J&L Steel Porters 57 and 60 Arrive in Youngstown

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Rick Rowlands:
Yesterday two additional Porter 0-4-0Ts arrived in Youngstown from Canada, the culmination of about two years worth of planning and fundraising.  Both locomotives are complete with the exception of saddle tanks which were scrapped before the locomotives were exported in the late 1980s. 

As time goes on we will be restoring both locomotives most likely to operational status. 

To view the full photo album, go here:

Anthony Vo:
Great to hear! Can't wait to hear more about the two.

Dave Crow:
Congratulations, Rick, on the arrival of your two new "babies".  I'm sure the construction of two new saddletanks will not present a problem to you.

Dave Crow

Dave Buczkowski:
Congratulations on the successful repatriation of the locomotives. Bringing locomotives across the border is never easy then there was this COVID thing…

Jeff Schumaker:
Congrats, Rick.

Jeff S.


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