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Sandy River and Rangley Lakes Railroad work trip.

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Fred Morse:
The W.W.& F. RR members plan to return Nov. 6, 2021 to continue work on the bay 2 track into your new car barn. Let's hope the weather is as good as last year.

Fred Morse:
Last track to go into the new car barn. First Saturday in November 2022. The W.W. and F. crew will arrive about 9:00 A.M. Hope all plan to be there. Will leave Sheepscot Station about 7:00 A.M.

Fred Morse:
Again this year we'll be heading for Sandy river railroad the first Sat in November to do track work by Sanders station. We leave Sheepscot Station at 7:00 am for Phillips, so we arrive around 9:15. Let's hope the weather is as good as the last Three years.

Brian Whitney:
It is always a fun and productive day. And yes, we have been very lucky with good weather the last three years.
Any chance Sharon could arrange a trip on the line for us all? Maybe during lunchtime.
I am looking forward to being there.
Brian W.

Steve Leet:
I agree with Brian, we provide a ride on our railroad to work weekend workers, it would be interesting if the Sandy river did the same.
I realize it is not under steam but it would allow a better look at the property.


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