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Dana Deering:
A discussion this past weekend about the Edaville turntable got me thinking. I had always assumed that the Bridgton Junction turntable is the one that went to Edaville. So I went back to my B&SR books and saw photos of the Bridgton yard at the time of scrapping operations. The turntable was still intact after most of the yard trackage had been removed, based on the photos, except that the turntable rails had been removed but were lying on top of the table. Also, some of the coaches that had been sold to Atwood were left “landlocked” in the Bridgton yard after some sort of disagreement with Everett Brown. Everett got mad about something and refused to haul the coaches to the Junction, so I’ve heard. Atwood had to send a crew to Bridgton to haul those coaches to Massachusetts so did he also take that turntable or was it scrapped?  Or did pieces of it go to Mass along with the Junction table?  And, could it be possible that the center pivot for the Bridgton Yard table might still be there buried in the old turntable pit of it was filled in before the school was built there? 

Mike Fox:
I am just glad the main part to one still exists, albeit modified. Which brings up another possibility. Was the second table cut to lengthen the one that remains? The beams are similar.

Dana Deering:
Could be!


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