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Stewart "Start" Rhine:
All,  Fred called me to ask about crew size during the week before the picnic.  He will be fixing lunch for us those days.  I know a number of you are planning to be at Sheepscot on Weds, 8/6 through  Friday, 8/8.  Friday is the track work day and if you  plan to attend, please notify Fred so he will have enough chow.  James can provide his number and email.


James Patten:
Fred's email is sharron42943 (at) yahoo (dot) com

The address was broken up so that Fred won't get spammed by the Internet.  Replace the (at) with @, etc.

Dave Buczkowski:
        Are you still planning to move rail and ties this coming Saturday the 30th?

Dana Deering:
Dave and all,

     I plan to be at Sheepscot on 8/30 and if we get enough crew we can begin moving rails or ties, whichever makes more sense based on the crew size.  I have to do some measuring for locations of tie piles and for the second crossing.  James will be organizing a track crew first thing in the morning and once trains start running we'll switch to tie or rail moving.  I won't be able to do a lot of heavy work thanks to my herniated disk but I'll do what I can and curse what I can't. 


Dave Buczkowski:
     I'll see you Saturday morning with a strong back.


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