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Ted Miles:
I thought I would look and see what Wikipedia has to say about this old time New England firm. Founded in 1835, they manufactured textile machinery from 1835 to 1948 with final closure in 1976. They had a progressive company town called Whitinsville, Massachusetts. Of interest to us is their two-foot gauge railroad powered by two GE Diesel-electric locomotives. They were at Edaville, then Maine Narrow Gauge Museum. The #2 locomotive is currently getting a new Diesel engine in Portland.

Ted Miles, WW&F Member     

John McNamara:
Anybody know anything about Whithin #1?

Wayne Laepple:
There were three GE’s at Whitin, I believe. Two were built in 1948 or 1949, builder's numbers 30490 and 30491, and the third one (30580) was built in 1951. All three went to Edaville. Now one is at Maine Narrow Gauge, one is at Edaville, and the third one was wrecked. Its remains are also at Edaville, as far as I know.

John Kokas:
Is the wrecked one worth saving?  I know anything can be saved and restored if you throw enough money at it but the question arises;  Is it worth it ???

Allan Fisher:
If I'm not mistaken, the wrecked Whitin locomotive was also moved to Maine from Edaville where it was at the very back of MNG's rail yard at the Portland Company. I remember there was nothing - nothing - nothing left to salvage when Edaville and MNG got done with her - and she was scrapped when MNG had to get rid of property they were using to reduce their foot print at the Yacht Company (Sprague)


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