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Brendan Barry:
All the stalls will have smoke jacks. The pit will be 4’ deep from the railhead to the floor. There will be   a sump in the pit for a sump pump equipped with an oil water separator.

Brendan Barry:

--- Quote from: Wayne Laepple on March 14, 2021, 09:17:15 PM ---What is the enclosure in the rear corner of Track 2? And what are the six circles between Track 2 and Track 3 representing?

--- End quote ---

The enclosure at the back of the second stall is the roundhouse office / clean room. Space was requested for a clean room for working on gauges and other small items. The circles represent the lube oil and water treatment drums. Doesn’t mean the drums will end up in that spot, we just know the drums have to end up in the building somewhere.

Mark Spremulli:
Where will engines 4 & 8 go when this is built?

John Scott:
Is it planned to have a drop pit? If so, that should not be in the through road as through movements would then be obstructed. A drop pit should connect two parallel roads so that a wheel set can be passed from one to the other, via a connecting pit.

Graham Buxton:

--- Quote from: John Scott on March 15, 2021, 07:08:20 AM ---Is it planned to have a drop pit?
--- End quote ---

The inspection pit Brendan mentioned in post#1 is visible in several images.   One of the images shows that a portion of the pit to be wider. Below is a  larger screenshot of the pit detail ....

    (It is useful to look at the images with a big monitor.)  :)   

Note: After I posted my original response, it occurred to me that 'drop pit' and 'inspection' pit were not really the same thing.  So I was modifying my post as Mike posted his.


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