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Mike Fox:

Stewart "Start" Rhine:
One project this week has been to finish the inside header over the stall doors.  Insulation, vapor barrier and sheathing has been applied to all three door headers followed by a general clean-up of the center stall to prep for door construction.  Eng 9 is now back in the east stall and two new portable (floor level) platforms have been added to the pit, providing a place for the engine crews to step when entering / exiting the locomotive. 

Stephen Lennox:
The east wall with the windows trimmed out look really nice.

Bill Reidy:
During Fall Work Weekend today the engine house was dedicated as the "Frederick & Sharron Morse Engine House."  A well-deserved recognition.

Dave Buczkowski made the announcement during lunch (in the engine house, of course!)

The plaque:

Tom Casper:
That is outstanding!

Tom C.


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