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Everything is now Secure (or what just happened to the forum?)

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Ed Lecuyer:
In order to increase our ranking with Google, and to make our web site not appear to be malicious in certain web browsers and computing environments, our main web site, along with the online discussion forum, is now "Secure" with a valid "SSL Certificate." What this means is that you should now see a lock (or similar designation) at the top of the browser window whenever visiting any portion of the WW&F web site.

Previously, only the and the ticketing platform were secure. Now everything is secured, and we should see the benefits in increased confidence for visitors to purchase tickets & merchandise, and inquire about our railway.

While I was at it, the main web page got a number of internal (and a few external) updates.

For a short while, while this was all going on, both the main web site and the forum did not work correctly. I was promptly notified by THREE members of the issue, which should now be resolved. I did note that I needed to reset at least one bookmark for a forum page I access frequently. However, everything appears to work when launched from and

Let me know if you are having difficulty, or find any inaccessible links lurking on our web site.

Mike Fox:
Excellent work as always Ed. I have been using the Forum for research for an article and when it hit my research was over. Thanks for being on top of it.


Benjamin Richards:
All the links I've tried, including those that hard-set http:// as well as those with no protocol specified at all, successfully redirect to https.

Ed Lecuyer:

I'm seeing some poor display of the main web page on certain Apple devices.

If you have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, please check the web page and let me know:
1. It looks great.
2. It looks terrible. I have a <device type> and using <browser, usually "Safari"> as my web browser.

Please post responses here; do not email/text them to me as that makes it more difficult to keep track of what is doing what.


Bill Reidy:
Hi Ed.

Checking my iPhone, sorry to say I have to go with choice 2:

It looks terrible. The text is all scrunched along the left side of the page. 

I have an iPhone and am using "Safari" as my web browser.


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