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Welcome to the board
« on: January 07, 2009, 09:32:23 PM »
Welcome to the board has been converted from the pre-July 2008 WW&F Discussion Forum.
Some formatting may have been removed or modified from the original postings that appear quoted in this topic.
Information contained within this post may be superseded by more recent postings and conversations.

wwfmuseum wrote:
Welcome to the WW&F Railway Museum discussion forum.

James Patten, WW&F Railway Museum webmaster, is your moderator.

I expect everyone will be civil.  No swearing, drinking, pornography, mention of standard gauge railroads, trashing of other museums or people, etc will be tolerated.  I will delete such posts without warning.

I'd prefer it if everyone were to use actual names instead of aliases when creating logins.

This is not intended to be a forum about modeling.  You can ask dimensions of something, but please don't start something about whether Vendor X's Whitefield Iron Bridge looks better in Zn2 or Gn2 gauge.

It's fairly easy to create new discussion topics.  If you'd like me to do that, just let me know in email or as a reply to this post.

jwhoughton replied:
Thanks for starting this forum.  It is a great way to get info on the wwf - particularily from afar.  I really love it - the fotos are especially nice!

A heads up.  I have noticed that the "new post" icon seems to be not operating.  It worked for me 2 days ago but now has stopped.  It's a nice feature.  Can it be restored?

John Houghton

Stephen Hussar replied:
John, the 'new post' icon is still working for me. If I might offer a suggestion, when you want to go back and read the next new posting, try clicking your 'back button' instead of the link that takes you back to the forum homepage.

If that doesn't work you may have to delete your cookies and start over. If you are not familiar with this operation, deleting your cookies will cause all of your usernames and passwords to go away, and you'll eventually have to visit all your favorite sites and re-enter them.

James Patten replied:
I've noticed that the new icon only works if you are logged in.

jwhoughton replied:

Thanks for the tip.  After I logged in the new message icon worked.  There is always a trick to this computer stuff!


Stephen Hussar replied:
er, yeah...I guess signing in first would be the simpler way to get there! 

petecosmob replied:
(re-reads intro) swearing, porn, drinking...OOPS! (hides Guinness bottle from moderator)!

gordon cook replied:
James, is there a spell checker for us English Challenged?
Standard Guage???

Ira Schreiber replied:
Is it appropiate to ask how many of the total board members are on this forum?
I only ask to determine whether we have a majority of the board tuned in to these very fruitful discussions.
This forum could ultimately prove to be a very strong source of information for the board.
Ira Schreiber

James Patten replied:
Three board members regularly post here; there may be others that know about it but don't have accounts that look through here.
Ed Lecuyer
Moderator, WW&F Forum