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WWI trench loco in the US


Jeff Schumaker:
On the Norgrove Railway.

John Kokas:
I assume one of the other Davenports is at the Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning.  But what about #3 ???

Wayne Laepple:
While these locomotives seem attractive, they are rather small, weighing just 16-1/2 tons. They are smaller than No. 9, and their weight is spread out over the six drivers, plus the pilot and trailing wheels. I'll bet their tractive effort is closer to No. 10's than No. 9.

Stephen Piwowarski:
The restoration of this locomotive is an awesome tale! For those of you who recall the Byron Railroad engines, which were ‘home built’ engines made from a kit of parts including trench engine frames and gear along with a bunch of standard gauge appliances and jewelry, this is one of those engines, restored to its trench loco origins.

An amazing tale for sure- wouldn’t it be a neat visitor to a WWI reenactment.

John Kokas:
Ditto - Steve


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