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Location of B&SR excursion train

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John Kokas:
Keith is correct,  it is Ely #6 and yes it is a 3 footer - how do I know, I fired that engine 1980-81 at Pine Creek in Allaire St. Park.  But Keith is correct on location - it is the original Freehold location before the move to Allaire.

I always thought - wouldn't it be cool to at least have one 2 foot Shay to demonstrate the log and grade hauling capabilities of a geared engine versus a rod engine.

Keith Taylor:
There is a reason that the Shay has “B&SR” lettered on the tender. That Shay was owned by Edgar T. Mead the noted Maine Two Foot Gauge author and researcher. And in fact the headlight on the Shay was from a B&SR locomotive.

Jeff Schumaker:
Quite a bit of history in this thread. Thanks for sharing.

Jeff S.

Keith Taylor:

--- Quote from: Andrew Kayser on January 23, 2021, 12:42:00 PM ---In October 1960 I was 19 years old and took 5 photos of a B&SR excursion train. I labeled the slides "Cripple Creek RR" but think that was in error. You can see these by going to my web site: Select Railroads and then the first video titled "Bridgton & Saco River Railroad". Any help in locating where I was would be appreciated.

--- End quote ---
There is a possible explanation for your labeling. In one of your photos you can see a small  0-4-0  saddle tank locomotive. One of the “projects” that Jay Wulfson, Pierre Rasmussen and James Wright had was operating another one at the amusement park “Cowboy City” near Farmingdale, NJ. The locomotive was labeled Copper Creek, and in the off season the locomotive was taken to the Pine Creek location for storage and repairs.


Andrew Kayser:
Thank you Keith and the rest of you for making my day. I was living in NYC when I was 19 so Marlboro, NJ was not a far reach. What is more interesting is I settled in Morristown, NJ over 20 years ago and before retiring would travel down Route 9 passing the site on the way to work in Manalapan. Little did I know. I now look forward to catching up with the B&SR equipment at Allaire State Park.


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