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Location of B&SR excursion train

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Andrew Kayser:
In October 1960 I was 19 years old and took 5 photos of a B&SR excursion train. I labeled the slides "Cripple Creek RR" but think that was in error. You can see these by going to my web site: Select Railroads and then the first video titled "Bridgton & Saco River Railroad". Any help in locating where I was would be appreciated.

Ed Lecuyer:
Hi Andrew,

While I can't say where those photos were taken, they are not of Edaville Railroad in So. Carver Mass, where the B&SR equipment resided following the railroad's closure in the early 1940s. Moreover, the equipment doesn't match anything from the Maine two footers. I also suspect the track gauge is 36" and not 24".

So unfortunately, the photos are not of the B&SR Railroad in Maine (or Edaville in 1960.)

Thanks for sharing, hopefully someone will positively identify the location.


Philip Marshall:
Could it be the Pine Creek RR in New Jersey? The Shay looks like Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. No. 6 which has been at Pine Creek since the 1960s and was formerly owned by Edgar T. Mead (who was a prominent fan of Maine narrow gauge in general and the B&SR in particular).

Wayne Laepple:
I agree with Philip. I am about 99% certain this was taken at the Pine Creek Railroad at Allaire State park in New Jersey. That locomotive is definitely Ely-Thomas Lumber Co. No. 6. The Pine Creek Railroad is definitely three-foot gauge.

Keith Taylor:
I can tell you exactly where that was taken. Yes, it is the Pine Creek Railroad, but not at Allaire State Park. This was the original location of the Pine Creek on NJ Route 9 in Marlboro, NJ near Freehold, NJ. At this time it was the private property of Jay Wulfson who later went on to run the Middletown and New Jersey and then create the Vermont Railway. When Mr. Wulfson left NJ he gifted the assets (but not the land) to the newly formed New Jersey Museum of Transportation and the railroad was relocated to Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, New Jersey.
I know this as I spent countless hours in the cab of Lima Shay 3314, Ely - Thomas Number 6.



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