Author Topic: DONATE/SELL YOUR CAR, OLD ELECTRONICS and/or EBAY SALES to the WW&F  (Read 4189 times)

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Donate Your Car
We’ve partnered with CARS to accept vehicle donations.
Why send your junker off to that outfit with the annoying jingle when you can use it instead to rebuild Maine history.

Recycle your Electronics
We are set up with Think Recycle to get credit for all sorts of electronic junk: from print cartridges and cell phones up to laptop computers.
Bring your e-junk and deposit it into the box in the Percival House office. Erik Missal is overseeing this effort; he can be reached at: (if you have a large number of computers or similar items to recycle and would like to mail them from your location, rather than bringing them to Sheepscot.)

Sell Stuff on eBay
The WW&F is registered as a non-profit on eBay, and can receive donations from listings. The seller just has to select the WW&F as the non-profit of their choice, and they can donate 10 to 100% of the sale to the museum. So anyone that has plans to sell anything on eBay, please consider selecting the museum as the Organization you would like to give to.

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