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Ed Lecuyer:
Yes, the deal is with Amazon. Of course, if there is a better/cheaper substitute alternative, we can list it in this thread.

Graham Buxton:
It appears that using the WW&F "Wishlist" link posted above does not direct Amazon to load up the WW&F address as the "Ship To" address.   For example, I added the 12ga 50ft cord to the cart, but Amazon defaults to shipping that to me.

So is "97 Cross Road, Sheepscot Station, Alna, ME 04535" a suitable shipping address for the WW&F? And:
 Is there a follow-through system where Amazon notifies someone at the WW&F that a WishList item has been purchased & shipped?
And what happens if/when UPS/Fedex/etc delivers and no one is around? Leave it on the Percival porch?


James Patten:
97 Cross is the physical address, PO Box 242 is the mailing. 

I believe UPS/Fedex will leave it on the back walkway if nobody is around.

Graham Buxton:
Well, Amazon typically ships via the lowest rate carrier for a given package.  At my location that means most packages go to my USPS mailbox, but some packages go via  UPS / Fedex who cannot deliver to a mailbox.  For me my 'street address' is my only address, but a WW&F PO Box means that all USPS letters and packages go to the PO Box, but UPS and Fedex cannot go there.  But I don't know which carrier Amazon is going to use.
This can't be the first time this has come up? 

Ed Lecuyer:
Use "97 Cross Road, Alna, ME 04535" address for Amazon donations.



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