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Ed Lecuyer:
Amazon maintains a “Wish List” for charities (like a gift registry). Ours contains mostly day-to-day needs, but there are a few special projects that need materials. You pick what you want to donate, and Amazon ships it directly to us!

See what we need at:

There are some low-priced items, as well as some opportunities for more generous donors.
Anyone connected with the day-to-day operations of the railway should feel free to contact ed.lecuyer@wwfry.org with items to add to the "wish list".

To ship directly to the museum, use the address:
WW&F Railway Museum, 97 Cross Road, Alna, ME 04535

Don't forget to use smile.amazon.com - for ALL your Amazon purchases. Smile.amazon.com donates a (small) percentage of every purchase to the charity of your choice (hopefully, the WW&F.)

Ed Lecuyer:
FYI, there is a little "quote" popup over each item that explains what it will be used for.

For example, the Horse Tie Tethers are to add break-away functionality to the chains that run between the vestibules of passenger cars.

Graham Buxton:
Note that while Amazon sometimes offers a good price, that cannot be counted on. For instance, the 1000ft of UF cable on the WW&F Wish List is currently $588.53 at Amazon, but the Home Depot 'home delivery' price is currently $518.08.  Here are the respective  links:


I would not expect those prices to be accurate at any given  day in the future, but the point is (assuming  you always :) hate to pay more than necessary) is to  seek comparative quotes.  In my experience, Amazon is not automatically the best price.  :o

Ed Lecuyer:
Good advice Graham.

That said, be sure to check with us before making a substitute on a different web site; sometimes there is an important detail that needs to be adhered to.

John McNamara:
I was noticing that the prices seemed high. If I were to buy that type of cable, I would buy (and have bought) the equally suitable 14/2 UFB for 449.85 from Home Depot. However, I thought that this whole Buy/Donate project was tied to Amazon.


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