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A Fictional Day

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Jason M Lamontagne:
I wrote this a couple of years ago, just for fun.  It's not meant as the "one" answer- it's just an exercise in thinking through one possible answer.  I never really knew what to do with it, but now as it becomes out of date, I figure I'll put it here before it's totally dated and irrelevant.  Happy reading...


John McNamara:
Great stuff! I especially like the part about stopping southbound at Trout Brook Station:

"The conductor steps into the station for a minute - I suspect he’s asking for another coach at Sheepscot, as we always pick up passengers there."

I'm happy to hear that magneto telephone service continues into the fictional future and look forward to helping make that future real.

-John M

Graham Buxton:
As Jason notes, "Its a fictional day", ;) so some parts have not occurred yet, but  they could.
The sucessful partnership with SeaLyon Farm (Pumpkin trains etc) is rather remarkable in this context, as we have  paying  passengers riding to TOM for a 'horse' transfer to  SeaLyon  Farm when they could simply more easily just drive  directly to SeaLyon Farm.  Clearly, those passengers are riding for the experience, not the destination. As the planned facilities at TOM come to fruition, I believe we will see more of that.

While I am not a Facebook fan,  this  is hard to beat ...

Allan Fisher:
Your story is beautiful! Never stop dreaming, Jason. I haven't.

Wayne Laepple:
That's a great pre-Thanksgiving story! Well done, Jason.


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