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B&SR Box Car 56 - Official Work Thread

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Bill Reidy:
While I was busy updating the public signboard this morning, Marcel was busy milling boards for the car's roof walkway and end platform, with assistance by Brendan Barry.  After I was done, I walked over to shop bay 3 to get this photo of the milled boards.

Bill Reidy:
This morning, Marcel was installing newly received washers on one end of the car.

A close-up showing the new washer to the left of Marcel's hand.

William Simonton:
"OG" Washers

Bill Reidy:
Thanks, William!  I couldn't remember the term for these washers.

Marcel painted the town boxcar red today, with the help of 7 friends from the Bridgton & Saco River Railroad Museum.  At the start of the day:

The painting was completed by mid-afternoon.  Marcel takes a last peak at the sharp-looking car.

John Kokas:
Will there be a second red coat or clear coat for durability?


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