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Cylinder oil


Robert Hale:
What type of cylinder oil is used on #10? I know #10 is not superheated so would the lube oil used be different than a loco that has a superheater (and thus a hotter steam output)?
What will #11's driver wheel diameter be? What would the cost of a new boiler be in today's dollers?
Thanks, just leaner some more about these locos.

Keith Taylor:
I can't say positively as I am not involved in running No. 10, but it is usual for saturated locomotives to use SAE 600W steam cylinder oil, which contains tallow. Superheated locomotives definitely use different oils as the higher temperature steam washes the tallow based lubricants off of the cylinder walls.

Steve Smith:

No. 11 is to be a replica of No. 7, which had 33-inch drivers.

Steve Smith


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