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Queensland Sugar Railways

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Wayne Laepple:
Here's an interesting chart detailing the sugar-hauling two-foot gauge railways in Queensland, Australia.

3688 kilometers of line equals 2,298 miles
27 million tonnes of raw cane equals 29.7 million tons
119 kilometers equals 74 miles
2000 tonnes equals 2200 tons
40 kilometers per hour is 25 mph

Roger Cole:
And here is an interesting video clip of a grade crossing accident on one of the two-foot sugar cane railroads.

John Kokas:
I see it was on one of the Wilmar sugar lines, shame - nice people.  Just goes to show we (US) don't have a monopoly on stupid drivers when it comes to grade crossings. 

Wayne Laepple:
That may have been one of the sugar company's own cane cutters. It runs along the rows of cane and cuts the stalks, Tractors towing large trailers drive alongside the cutter and receive the cane via the conveyor. They drive to a loading site and dump into a similar machine that travels alongside a string of cane cars and loads them. Looks like the impact turned the locomotive almost completely around.

Rick Rowlands:
More than likely 58 would have stayed on the rails!   ;D


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