Author Topic: August 2020 Work Reports  (Read 17325 times)

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Re: August 2020 Work Reports
« Reply #90 on: August 31, 2020, 09:35:03 PM »
Can someone please confirm that the Zenith 63L is the proper carb for this unit.  I have a guy out near State College, PA who has a little ma & pa engine shop.  He specializes in vintage engines and has found engine parts and carbs that were 50+years old and were new in their original boxes.  He makes his living buying up old engine parts stocks from places going out of business.  If I have good info on the carb, I'll visit him the next time I'm visiting my Grandkids out there and get a new one if possible before FWW.
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Re: August 2020 Work Reports
« Reply #91 on: September 01, 2020, 08:52:43 AM »
One of the mounting posts for the float had broken off in the past, a repair appears to have been attempted eg: epoxy, JB weld ?? So the engine behaved like a sunk float. Found a trashed Zenith 63 L for cheap with a good cover, intact float posts, hope to "marry" the two.

Thanks Jay. That explains the trouble I had with it. I did hear it run and made it operate, so this machine should work well for us, as long as it is used properly by the book. It is not designed to just grab a.nd remove ties. Some effort needs to be made, like clearing out the ballast from the tie end and jacking the rails, and keep the stone clear from the pocket while inserting the new tie to keep the hydraulic oil from heating up. Once the oil heats up, the O-rings in the cylinders will harden and start leaking again.
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