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Re: Sandstone 2019
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Back in the day when I got my black seal, locomotive and stationary boiler operators classes and licenses were different.  They were still classified by pressure / HP but there were a bunch things the loco guys had to know and do that the stationary did not have.  I don't know what the current regulations require in Maine but I would think that anyone who is already certified to fire on the RR would be also qualified for stationary.
When I got my New Jersey Blue Seal License it had a special endorsement for locomotives. I believe now NJ classifies it as a “portable” boiler license.

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Re: Sandstone 2019
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In Maine the High Pressure Boiler Operator's license is good for both stationary and mobile.  The boiler program is actually geared toward stationary (power plant) boilers and people that have 40-hour week jobs on them.  I think we volunteer railroads have an understanding with the State regarding the time it takes for us to accumulate hours for our licenses.