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How to Post Images to the WW&F Discussion Forum

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Paul Crabb:
Ed; Given my failed attempt to have pictures show up directly in my post to  "car 65 pics" I gather the attachment method is what does that. Is that correct? Paul Crabb

Mike Fox:
Paul, I use Photobucket as an image host, then post the link given for each photograph on the forum, using the insert image button above the row of smileys. There are other image hosts on the web, but the one I use is free. A big seller in my book.

Ed Lecuyer:
Hi Paul,

The links and attachments you posted in the Car 65 thread worked properly. If you want to "embed" the image (like Mike Fox does) then you have to use a true image host like Mike has.

Thanks for posting those photos. The car looks great.


Bob Holmes:
Ed, I tried the direct attachment method today (see most recent posts on Turntable discussion), and was extremely disappointed.  The 128k limitation sucks (to be candid).  I know that Brendan and others get full resolution pix posted, so I definitely need your advice about the best way to do this moving forward.



James Patten:
Brendan and I (and others but I forget who) use a service called  There's a free version (2 GB storage), and then various prices for more storage/etc.


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