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How to Post Images to the WW&F Discussion Forum

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Graham Buxton:
OK, there are a series of small steps to using as a photo host. Wile it can be done without opening an account, doing so makes it easier to manage uploaded images.

So open an account, and upload an image. PM me if you get stuck doing that.
The next step is to "Share" that image. Take a look at my earlier post that will be an example:,4130.msg52481.html#msg52481

After uploading an image to Postimages, you should see something similar to this:

For this example, click on the blue icon at the right end of the "Direct link:" line to copy the code into your system's clipboard.

Now go to the WW&F forum message that you want to insert your image into.  The Compose / Modify window looks similar to this:

There are two rows of buttons directly above the row  of smiley icons. Click the left-most button on the second line, "Insert image". Then put your cursor in the box, 'right click' and choose "Paste".

At this point, the Preview button should show your message with the photo from Postimages included.  If you are happy with how it looks then click the Post button and you are done.

There are other options, but get a couple of images posted this way to get comfortable with the process before trying out the options.  Send me a PM if you get stuck.

Bruce Wilson:
Ben, I am grateful for your posting of the timeline and found that very interesting.

Philip Marshall:
Thank you, Graham. My 1990 snapshot of the Albion depot seems to have achieved online immortality.


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