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Gordon Cook:
Stirring the pot...

I still think a key clue is the two rings that clearly have something in or around them in one of the pictures.
They did survive to the 1940's when this fan trip happened, so they must have had a purpose. If they weren't used it might be likely several would have been damaged or lost by then.
There is a picture taken at one end of one of the coaches of the conductor and a train crew member (or zealous fan) which shows the stove, but no rings there?

To me it doesn't make sense to hang canes or umbrellas right if front of each window, especially something that will bang around as the coach rocks.
The round shape and orientation perpendicular to the wall is just wrong for curtains of any style that we are used to. Curtains would also be a high maintenance item in a day coach.
They don't look sturdy enough to hang on to, and how often would there be people standing? Was there a commuter rush into Bridgton? :)
They are at every window, but in addition there are hat and coat hooks that are not at every window, so it would seem that they are not for clothing accessories.
In one coach they are plain rings, while in the other they appear to have a decorative element added. While there are some examples discovered of baggage racks with rings below them, rings are sometimes used as a decorative and supporting element for shelf brackets. In this case, it's unlikely they would be simply decorative because they are separate items. But those rings under the baggage rack may be for the same purpose.

With all that said, I still don't have any better ideas.  But it's a good mystery and entertainment. Don't give up!

Mike Fox:
I looked through all the B&SR books at the museum, and nothing new was found..


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