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Wales UK narrow gauge tour November 2019 (photos)


Matthew Malkiewicz:
The first week of November I ventured to Wales UK to participate in a series of photo charters, my first exposure to international steam operations.

We toured for 8 days, visiting four narrow gauge railways: the Rheilffordd FFestiniog, Welsh Highland, Rheilffordd Talyllyn, and Vale of Rheidol. The weather was varied, from cloudless sunny day to dark overcast with wind and rain – temperatures between the 30s and 50s Fahrenheit. Yes it does rain a lot there, the reason for the lush endless fields of green. Our travels luckily timed the autumn colors quite nicely.

Two elements that quickly intrigued me was the scenery and the people interacting with the machines, both I focused on with my cameras.

For me these photos are merely a reminder of my experiences, the locations and scenes, and most importantly the new friends made.

A special thank you goes out to Bob Branch, coordinator and leader of these excursions.

Follow the link below to my gallery of images.


Mike Fox:
Great series of photos. Thank you for sharing.

Graham Buxton:
Yes, great photos!

I couldn't help noticing in this one ...
... the wire that is strung along the ROW on top of the vegetation on the right side of the tracks. No, not the fence - its closer than the fence. 

Shades of [certain sections of] the WW&F telegraph/telephone wire?  :o 


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