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Dana Deering:
Thank you all for the info!  I'm trying to track down a particular photo that was part of his collection and was reprinted in "Busted and Still Running" and "Two Feet to the Lakes" hoping to get a copy.  These leads will be helpful.

Mike Fox:
Dana, I have a collection of photos I have worked to gather, and some may be prints from Edgars collection. Do you have a page number in either book?  I will then look and see if I have it in my collection.

Maine Narrow Gauge had a great Archive room where I gathered some pictures for the reprint of The Twenty Four Inch Gauge Railroad at Bridgton, Maine. I am not sure where the archives are now or if they are even accessible. And the other place to look would be the Bridgton Historical Society. They have a good collection of photos there as well.

Dana Deering:
Thanks, Mike.  I have made two trips to the Bridgton Historical Society this year and didn't see the particular photo I am looking for but did find a photocopy of another photo that I am now pursuing in addition to the one I am looking for that was in Ed Mead's collection.  I don't remember the page number off the top of my head but the photo shows BSR 6 and BSR 4 double heading a plow train.

Mike Fox:
I don't remember having a photo like that but will look.

Dana Deering:
My goal is to get copies of as many photos of BSR 4 as I can find.  I have a few and I'd like to have good quality copies of others I've seen.


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